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Do I need to be writing X-men now? [Jun. 5th, 2006|01:24 pm]
Pissed Off Naked Anime


[music |The Facts of Life theme song]

Ok, so Rogue takes peoples powers/life-force/memories/cold sores or whatever from anyone with whom she has skin-to-skin contact. She can't have a decent relationship, because there can be no physical intimacy.

Ignorant cunt. Here's the trick. Step by step. Pay attention.
1) Give fucking Gambit a condom
2) Gambit puts on the condom
3) Lay some fucking saran wrap or a towel or whatever over it, with a small hole cut out
4) Slip Gambit's cajun cock through the hole
5) Get on all fours
6) Take it from behind
7) Stop your god-damned whining... no one likes your terrible accent anyway.

I can think of a thousand other ways for this girl to get laid. If Marvel can create a storyline in which the Super Skrull is once again relevant, surely they can think of a way for someone to pork Rogue.

WWP 06: Rogue

This chick was at the con with her boyfriend. $5 bucks says after I took this picture, they went back to their hotel and she, um, absorbed his powers.

Cute couple. Good for them. ^_^