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Because Parker Lewis still can't lose... [Sep. 29th, 2006|09:02 pm]
Pissed Off Naked Anime


[music |Number One Spot by Ludacris]

As we tend to do things prematurely here at PONA (just ask my girlfriend), I'm am here to announce our next con adventure!

November 25 and 26th we will be at Mid-Ohio Con in Killumbus, O-H-I-O! It's right down town on High Street at the convention center, so pretty much everyone should be able to find it. Check it out here for all the details: http://www.midohiocon.com/

May have a bona-fide artiste with us in attendance, as well... if her car survives. Old friend Danielle Corsetto, proud mama of Girls With Slingshots (http://www.girlswithslingshots.com) and the now defunct Ramblers (http://www.daniellecorsetto.com/ramblers_display.php?ramblers=1) and million-issue-a-week selling corporate whore of The Weekly World News (fucking way to go, by the way... I still giggle when I see her name in there) may be down for some gluten-free fun. Last time I saw Danielle, she was crashing on my floor with her then boyfriend during OzzFest 2000-and-fuck-if-I-know-when. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and you fine young thangs should be too.


Even though I posted it over at personal LJ, I'll repost here for the whole 3 people who don't read that can get in on the Fruedian action... behold, the dream of dreams!!!

I had a dream last Monday night. It was a strange dream. I don't remember all the details, so I am picking this all up mid-dream.

I knew I was in some sort of big house at a beach. For some reason, I keep thinking of the house from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I was in bed, and I was tight up against the wall with the blankets pulled up because I was scared. I could hear some noises, and in some dim bit of lucidity, my mind knew that this was a dream and that it was going to be a haunted house dream. So, I must have mustered up the courage, because I got out of the bed, and went into the very next room, where I found Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble, Yogi Bear, and Boo Boo.

Not sure how the conversation went, but I was quickly informed that this was not a haunted house, and that they were there for some sort of big gay weekend. But, this wasn't just a couples thing, it was a swinger's thing, and it was going to be Barney and Yogi, and Fred and Boo Boo. I, glad that the house was just queer insted of haunted, went back to bed.

The next morning, I was having a bowl of cereal with Boo Boo, and asked him how the trip was going. He said that sex with Fred was fun, but he was of significant girth, and that it kinda hurt him. I was kind of shocked, and expressed my sympathies. He them told me that he was used to it, because Yogi never quite accepted that he was gay, and blamed Boo Boo for making him that way. So, whenever they had sex, Yogi would punch him. He would just beat him while crying and alternating between screaming "Why did you do this to me?!?!" and sobbing "I love you."

It was like Hannah Bar-Brokeback.

Heh heh, it was funny as hell, but really, what the fuck? I've tried psycho-analysing this one, and it never ends well.


So, keep your eyes on this free bit of internet personal propaganda... new pics to arrive soon!

[User Picture]From: bloodblack
2006-09-30 02:08 am (UTC)
Betcha I can make it for at least Friday or Saturday.
Sounds like fun,
i'll see whats up.
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