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Pissed Off Naked Anime
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(from the original MSN communities discussion thread dated 11-25-2001, College Park, MD)

Well, I certainly am glad people are enjoying my little essay. I suppose, since people are actually visiting this site on a semi-frequent basis again, I should explain why the hell I wrote it, for those who do not already know.

PONA stands for Pissed-Off Naked Anime. I came up with the idea for PONA one day as I was preparing for my monday night Caribbean Literature class. I was thinking how much I would like to see chicks in their cos-play outfits committing explicitly sexual acts. I wanted to see the simple panty flash, the more risque boob revelation, and the extreme blowing an Eva while having a specially modified "entry-plug" rammed up ones ass. I wanted to see it all. I then remembered some of the cosplay pics I had, so I browsed around, and found one or two more adult oriented pics, and was very entertained. While browsing, I also found a pic of some sexy little Japanese girl dressed in a black B.B. Hood/Bulleta (from Darkstalkers) outfit, flipping off the camera... it was simply beautiful.

With those to ideas in mind, I devised a way to get people to let me (and all those of us interested in such a project as I am about to detail) take pictures of them in such poses. Yes, I have found a way to get chicks to either flip me off (not to hard really), show me their tits, or both. I took inspiration from porn sites that are made when someone simply pics up a chick, and then convinces her to have sex with him and allow him to film it simply by telling her flat out that he wants to have sex with her and film it! (ask James about the Bang Bus for one entertaining example)

Anyway, what I plan to do is, at the next con I attend, to walk up to an attractive individual (male or female is of no importance to me... I'll look at anyone's naughty bits) and ask if I can take their picture. If they say yes, I will ask them to do me a favor and flip off the camera. Pose, click, voila - Pissed-Off Anime. Once they ask me why I want them to flip off the camera (and, naturally, they will) I will explain to them the website for which I am taking the pictures (The PONA site, of course), and explain that I can't simply ask Person X to flash the camera or something, and kind of play it off as a joke. Then when they are smiling and laughing, I will ask, "You don't wanna do something like that do you? It wouldn't be anything special, you'd just have to flash the camera for a sec," and try to draw them into my little world of corruption and filth. If they say no, oh well, at least we got the middle finger pic. If they say YES, then, kick ass... Pissed-Off NAKED Anime. Might even manage to get the middle finger placed in someplace it shouldn't be pic!

So, the little rant I wrote was just me thinking in the mindset of the kind of person despairate enough to try and get cos-play folk (the same ugly bastards I was ripping apart) to take off their clothes and possible more. If you happen to find any pics of cos-play folks who are pissed-off, naked, or both, let me know. I seriously want to start a collection of this stuff. And, hey, if any of you want to get down and whip out whatcha got for the camera, then all the better. I'm sure the world would love to see your goodies.